Nuvoo Mining Review

About Nuvoo Mining

Service Nuvoo Mining started its work in 2016. Its first hardware farm was located in Canada. Project offers mining with remoted equipment and allows users to avoid problems connected to hardware cooling or its noisy work.

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Clients trust the company as it does not hide the location of its farms. Main Nuvoo farm center is located in Canada, Quebec. Users are able to see how things are going on there round the clock seven days a week. Service also has technic support allowing communication on French or English.



Nuvoo offers specific registration option. Clients are able to use their Facebook or Twitter account to create new one related to the Cloud mining service.

Also, there is a possibility to use e-mail and communicate with members of the web-site technic support.

Website Interface

Website Nuvoo Mining has standard interface with main info located on the home page. Menu bar on the top of page has sections describing facts about company, prices, data center location, the most popular questions, contact information etc.

Language of Nuvoo website is English. Also, French is available.

Registration is quite easy. User should choose language, then input name, surname, country and city, email. There are also fields of phone number and company name, but user may leave them blank. After registration client chooses special user name or nickname and creates his or her password.

What Coins to Mine in Nuvoo Mining

Nuvoo Mining offers Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum mining. Service uses SHA256, Scrypt and Ethash algorithms. But all of them are assigned to BTC, so client gets payments in Bitcoins only. That is possible thanks to the most profitable altcoins extraction and their automatically exchange into Bitcoins.

Bitcoin is extremely popular today. Currency may be used for different goods and services buying and has safety system. Cryptocurrency allows all people to have the same conditions of Mining. Moreover, system don’t need high extra fees and doesn’t limit amounts for transactions. Bitcoin is quite safety and user is able to check the status of payment. BTC is not only a coin, but business perspective too.

Maintenance Cost

Clients of Nuvoo Mining service are able to choose variable contracts for Bitcoins including:

  • Starter – requires nearly 66 $ for 622 GH/s;
  • Bronze – 200 $ for 1866 GH/s;
  • Silver – 400 $ for 3732 GH/s;
  • Golden – 800 $ for 7464 GH/s;
  • Platinum – 2400 $ for 22390 GH/s;
  • Emerald – 4800 $ for 44781 GH/s;
  • Diamond – 8000 $ for 74635 GH/s;
  • Royal 16000$ for 149270 GH/s.

Every packet requires everyday extra fee for energy – 0.00021$ per 1 GH/s. But all of them don’t need any maintenance fee. Withdrawals

Payments can be received by users daily, but has withdrawal limit – 0.0015 BTC.

Client can create virtual wallet using special services for that stuff and then link purse to the Nuvoo account. Mined currency will be received by wallet and then exchanged into real money.

Nuvoo bitcoin mining

Pros and Cons

Nuvoo mining has many advantages:

  • Electricity for mining farms is environmentally friendly. It is generated at hydroelectric power station which is located not far from the farm. That is why server offers low prices for electricity anywhere in the world. Moreover, Nuvoo uses innovative HVAC cooling system which is very economical and harmless to the environment.
  • Clients are able to look how things are going on farms any time they want thanks to round-the-clock webcams.
  • All contracts are open. Users can mine cryptocurrency with Nuvoo company while their plan is profitable. When contract ceases to generate profit, service team closes it.
  • There is a convenient profit calculator on the webpage of service. Clients are able to nearly predict sums they will earn using chosen plan.
  • Nuvoo offers multicurrency mining. Usual mining allows extracting one currency only. Multi mining uses earning of different coins depending on their profitability. Algorithm of multicurrency extracting checks the difficulty of coin mining and its market price to choose the most profitable one.

Anyway there are also disadvantages current service has:

  • No wallet creation function. Users are not able to make their online purse with help of service. The problem has a solution – client can choose wallet created earlier and link it to the Nuvoo account.
  • Service offers mining of several coins only: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Then all of them are changed into BTC.
  • Not very convenient website design. Logo is too big and that is not easy to use navigation menu for new clients.

Anyway service has a great customers’ feedback and there are no evidences it is a scam. So client can easily trust it.

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