NiceHash Review

About NiceHash

NiceHash was founded in 2014. It is known to be something like a multi-mining service. Poll allows its clients to mine different kinds of hashpower and trade contracts among themselves. Advanced users assure, that using service for hashrate selling brings more profit then usual Cloud Mining.

Though there is information about mining and cryptocurrency on the official site of NiceHash, no one knows who the owners are and what crypto farms they use. Data centers are located in USA and European countries, but details are not disclosed.

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Anyway, user reviews are positive. Server guarantees data and costs security, uses Cloud flare and Bit Go crypto purse to make all processes secure.


The official organization web site is NiceHash.

Also potential user is able to know more about the service, using Social Media.

NiceHash has page on Twitter. In addition, client can get new information subscribing on its YouTube channel or Facebook page. Moreover, service has its account even on Github.

Website Interface

Official website is full of different functions. To learn how to use one or another service, client should look through FAQ answers. That will help to get used to the interface faster.

All client needs to do is to choose and set the server, which depends on the kind of cryptocurrency. He or she enters the address of Bitcoin as a login and inputs password. There is no need to register for selling hashpower. Only buying operations require an account.

It is hard to open order page first, but then client gets used to it. Order window is a place where algorithm is selected. Moreover, user has an ability to choose the sum he or she is going to pay. The minimal sum is 0.01 Bitcoin. Then maximal capacity per second is chosen. Also there is a necessity to input the price payed for Gigahash during the day.

Rates are located on the front page of the website.

After entering all information, user should check if all is right.

After activating the process, client is able to check the progress, change some functions or return Bitcoins which are reminded back to the crypto purse.

The order can be tracked. There is a list on the main page of the site for this function. Active orders have light blue color, so its easy to find them.

What Coins to Mine?

NiceHash supports a great amount of different algorithms, which include Scrypt, X11, SHA-256.

The main advantage is that service combine capacity of miners all over the world and decrease the pool hashing power, adding their own mining objects. Moreover, NiceHash allows any cloud or real miner to join the main process

Maintenance Cost

Only clients with their own accounts are able to see the prices for contracts, which NiceHash proposes. Registration doesn’t need much time – user should enter his email and create a password.

Client doesn’t buy separated packages, but chooses between based on GH/s hashpower and Bitcoin cost.

In overage, NiceHash offers next prices:

  • 0305 BTC for 1 GH/s during one day for a contract with a fixed cost;
  • 0264 BTC and more for a standard contract – the price depends on bidding aspect.

Also service takes 3% of charge fee during every transaction.

NiceHash Withdrawals

Miners are able to get their profit in two ways.

First variant existed from the very beginning. User should choose his or her Bitcoin wallet address as a mining service address. Then payments will be received by the purse regularly according to their schedule. This way allows predefining the process and NiceHash covers all the transactions.

The new variant of withdrawal implies mining into the purse of service. This time client is able to choose the time of each transaction. But process requires some charge fee instead.

NiceHash Price Rating

NiceHash now is a famous brand all over the world. It makes mining more profitable by hashpower trading. Innovative security programs, stability of the service, regular payouts make contracts quite expensive. Prices are reasonable and available to the biggest part of users, anyway.

To make mining available for everyone, NiceHash uses referral program and offers promo codes.

First advantage allows to get extra profit. If user recommends service and new client orders some hashrate, it brings him 5% of payed sum and 0.000005 extra BTC. Also organization gives all needed materials for those who are going to tell about it on blogs.

Promo codes allows to get discounts for hashrate purchasing and decrease transaction fee.

Pros and Cons

Though NiceHash Company was founded in 2014, it still develops and brings new functions into life. It makes mining easier for many people all over the world and allows miners to sell the hashpower. It’s not a service for Cloud Mining itself, but a pool for crypto trading.

Naturally, service has pros and cons.

Disadvantages include too technical aspects of product, which are not understandable for newbies, no ability to pay with not Bitcoin currency, not the same prices for users from different continents.

Advantages are: hashing power trading option, variety of proposed contracts, great informative aspect.

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