IQMining Review

About IQMining

IQMining service started its work in the end of 2016. It has been functioning not for a long period of time, but there is a quite good customers’ feedback describing the project nowadays. The service offers remoted equipment – so users are able to rent it and join process of Cloud Mining.

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Project follows conception, including next aspects:

  • Minimization of energy consumption purchasing. IQMining co-works with TOP suppliers of electricity.
  • Rent of excess capacity in large data centers. That allows to make Cloud Mining 2-3 times cheaper than other services offer.
  • Data and money security. Service uses smart-contracts to protect transaction, provide payments and stabilize prices.
  • Converting Altcoins into Bitcoins searching for better prices. Though Altcoin Mining is very profitable, there are too many risks. IQMining solves the problem in this way by using special limiting orders which are installed on crypto-exchanges with low spreads.

According to the statistics, IQMining has more than 7000 miners and nearly 981000 capacities.

Users are able to know more about the service and join the process of Mining on project official page:

Website Interface

Interface of IQMining online resource is very understandable and convenient. User is able to read main information about Cloud mining and know more about principles of service functionality there.


Different pages such as ‘Offers’, ‘Pricing’, ‘FAQ ‘and ‘About Us’ make the information sorted and it’s easier to find topic user is interested in.

IQ Mining Review

Client can easily see the ‘Sign in’ button and join the Mining process by clicking on it and fulfilling next steps:

  • User is to input data into fields: Name and Surname, mobile number, email, choose password and agree with the rules.
  • Open Online cabinet. Client can find information about current capacity, balance and purchasing process there.
  • User should choose capacity after looking through the cabinet functionality and decide how much of it he or she is going to buy, what crypto currency to mine.
  • There is a special page where capacity may be purchased. So after paying IQMining will start to work on user. The system will start the process automatically and one hour latter first profit will be added to the balance.
  • Client can withdraw currency once a day without any limitation. Profit on balance will appear every hour. User can fund his or her account through MasterCard or VISA cards, BTC, ETH, LTC and other digital currencies.

How to Profit With IQMining?

There are different ways to get profit with help of IQMining service. User may choose special account during the process of registration. There are three types of profiles:

  • Provides each hour profit. Withdrawals are allowed once a week. 0.01 BTC is minimal payment.
  • Adds bonus of 10% to every payout. Provides each hour profit. Withdrawals are allowed once a day. 0.1 BTC is minimal payment.
  • Adds bonus of 20% to every payout. Provides each hour profit. Withdrawals are allowed once a day. 1 BTC is minimal payment.

Prices are quite available:

  • Service offers 300MH/s of Scrypt for 840 USD.
  • User can buy 3000GH/s of SHA-256 for 240 USD.
  • Ethereum costs 540 USD for 30000KH/s.
  • Price for 2CASH is 480 USD for 300H/s.
  • To purchase DASH user must pay 840 USD for 300 MH/s.

What Coins to Mine?

There are different digital currencies which user can chose for Cloud Mining:

  • LiteCoin, abbreviation – LTC;
  • Ethereum, abbreviation – ETH;
  • Scrypt;
  • Monero;
  • DASH;
  • Zcash, abbreviation – ZEC.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin capacities may be unavailable. If you are interested in mining of this currency, firstly check if there is a possibility to purchase capacity.

Pros and Cons

IQMining has lots of advantages. Thanks to its unique features, it stands out among other similar projects.User can start Cloud Mining process purchasing only 0,01 BTC or other equivalent digital or real currency. Minimal withdrawal sum is 0,001 BTC. To get payout user should only leave an application in the Online cabinet and wait within 24 hours until the payment falls on the wallet or account. There is a possibility to win bonus of 20%. Service offers reinvestment option which allows to increase the profit client gets. There is no subscription fee and registration is free. Disadvantages are too short period of existing time and wide variation in reviews, both good and bad. Though there are articles describing IQMining as a Scam, no real facts of false are registered. Anyway clients should use the service at their own risk. Unfortunately, fake projects are everywhere nowadays and not only IQMining is risky.