Hashing24 Review

About Hashing24

Hashing24 presents itself like convenient and easy in use service for people who want to invest their free cash by joining to the process of Bitcoin Cloud mining.
Project has been offering its services on the cryptocurrency market since 2012. It has representative offices in Great Britain, Thailand and Ukraine.
Various places of localization decrease risks related to possible law changes in these countries. In other words, if data center becomes prohibited according to the legislative acts in one country, other ones will continue to produce virtual money.
Service uses Bitfury Group capacities for cryptocurrency mining. The company is famous for being among leaders on the Blockchain technologies market.

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There are several ways to contact with service creators.

Hashing24 has mobile phone: +44 141 536 0163.
E-mail of service is headquarter@hashing24.com.

Head office is in Glasgow, on 272 Bath Street.

Also, service has website, where users can know more about its functionality and purchase capacity: hashing24.com

Website Interface

Hashing24 website interface is very convenient and understandable for beginners. At the top of the screen user can find menu bar with “FAQ”, “About us”, “Prices” and other sections. Main page offers important info about service such as registration hints or conception. Under the top bar there is a gray line with current Bitcoin price, difficulty and hash rate.

Hashing24 review

To join the process of Mining and look through all advantages of Hashing24 interface, user should fulfill next steps:

  • Activate “Registration” button. Then input required data into form. E-mail and password are asked. To continue and open personal Hashing24 account, client should agree with system rules.
  • Then user receives an e-mail containing a link to confirm actions.
  • When account is activated, user can open his or her personal account. To increase security level of account and funds on the balance, system will offer to create a PIN-code.
  • Also, user can log in through Facebook and Google+ accounts

Before starting Bitcoin mining, client should buy a contract. Purchasing is available in the “Prices” section, where user can find package settings. For example, size of purchased capacity influences the daily profit.

start mining

Also, there are several ways of capacity purchasing. For those who are newbies Hashing24 offers Demo-account.

What Coins to Mine?

Though Hashing24 offers wide functionality and convenient interface, the only virtual currency users can mine here is Bitcoin.


How to Profit With Hashing24?

Hashing24 offers BTC for nearly 7890 USD or almost 6385 EUR today.

36-Month plan for bitcoin has next characteristics:

  • Guaranteed 0.00033$ of daily profit for one GH/s.
  • 100 GH/s for 35 USD.

Hashing24 Calculator

Hashing24 Withdrawals

Hashing24 has convenient withdrawal system. To use earned currency client should:

  • Create his or her own account;
  • Choose “Balance”, then “Withdrawal” section using menu bar;
  • Select coins;
  • Input required amount;
  • Select wallet or input new one;
  • Choose “Withdrawal” button;
  • Follow confirmation link which will be received through e-mail.

Minimal amount of cryptocurrency which user can withdraw is 0.002 BTC. Withdrawal requests are available during all the time service works. Operation is processed one day latter after request leaving.

Hashing24 Price Rating

Hashing24 offers best prices for the electricity and equipment services. All clients of project receive rates for electricity and maintenance equivalent to the rates which the best players get. Also, service offers discounts on the volume of large contracts.

Hashing24 provides the best prices for hash. Creators believe that the main Mining idea is increasing of investments into the Blockchain. They want to provide the best prices for the hash rate. Owners try to avoid currency markets, so stockbrokers don’t increase capacity prices.

Moreover, Hashing24 offers discounts making Cloud Mining available for everyone. For example, promo codes giving 4% discount are available from time to time.

Pros and Cons

Advantages of Hashing24 using:

  • Fast start. Mining process begins in 5 minutes after registration only.
  • Technical innovations. Service uses latest technical devices and programs thanks to the partnership with equipment providers and data centers.
  • No time limits for Mining. Hashing24 offers a unique ability to start or finish Cloud Mining any time user wants to do that. The further information is available on the service website. Anyway, there are no details about early money repayment.
  • Easy working. Hashing24 offers convenient and understandable interface with variety hints and functions description. It is easy to start Cloud Mining process even for beginners.
  • Low extra fee for electricity and services. In other words, user gets better profit while comparing with other similar projects because of dependence between equipment maintenance costs, electricity prices and money client can earn.
  • Referral program with higher profit available. For those who are interested in service developing and earning more currency, project offers a special referral program with 10% profit.

Disadvantages of using Hashing24:

  • High prices for the contract. Beginners who are starting to use Cloud Mining services may think that first investment of 18$ is too big. Moreover, there are projects requiring 4 or 5 USD only.
  • Inconvenient calculator for income identifying. Better function interface will allow calculating needed amount of investments for both experienced user and newbies.
  • Hard processes of profit sum forecast. User can’t know exactly how much money he or she will get after procedure of withdraw. Service has no fixed commission fee for currency withdrawal to client`s Bitcoin virtual wallet. Final sum user gets he or she can check only when transaction is already ended on the info website. Experienced Cloud miners advise making withdrawals of big sums to avoid losing currency again and again.

To sum up, Hashing24 is convenient and quite trustable service with great customers’ feedback. Long working time and real data centers in different countries assure that project is not a scam. Anyway, Bitcoin mining is risky itself so only user can decide – to join Cloud Mining process or not to join.

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