Genesis Mining Review

About Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining Company operates in the market since 2013. The company’s foundation began with the popularization of bitcoins and other crypto-currencies. Expanding, the company created a new mining-farm, along with the database of users. The company unites experts from different fields of science and business who are confident in the further development of the technologies of block and crypto currency.

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Genesis Mining is a real company; there is a real address of the office of the company, contact phone numbers, etc. The members of its team can be found on the official website of Genesis Mining. The management of Genesis Mining is also public, for example, CEO Marco Streng is a welcome guest at various events dedicated to the popularization of Bitcoin and Blockbuster technology, which he constantly visits in different parts of the world.


Information about location of the company can be found on their official site main office is located in Hong Kong in Wanchai.

Here are the full list of company`s social network contact information.

Website Interface

Now, when we figured out the main information about Genesis Mining Company, let’s talk about website interface.

The process of creating a personal cabinet is standard. You must fill out the traditional form

After confirming the actions, the user account page opens.

First of all, in the “My Account” tab of the user menu, it is necessary to fill in your payment information. All profits will automatically arrive at the specified purse after the minimum amount is earned.

The main panel displays all the important information for the user, namely, available hashing algorithms and their scope.

There are profit graphs under it. Here you can see the profitability of a particular crypto currency. The charts show how much money (in US currency) was earned over the past week. For each type of crypto currency, there are tariff plans that differ in price, volume of hashes and validity.

To buy the cloud-based capacity and begin to receive revenue, you need to go to the “Raise Power” tab, specify the amount of hashes and choose a payment method.

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What Coins to Mine?

At the beginning of 2018, the service offers the following crypto currency output for users:


Accordingly, for each crypto currency should be installed purses, where funds received from the mining will be received.

Maintenance Cost

The service supports the production of crypto currency by six algorithms, for each of which there are several tariff plans.

Rates for BITCOIN (BTC)

Three tariff plans are available – Gold, Platinum, Diamond. The cost of the package is from $ 30 to $ 1950 and capacity from 200 GH / s to 15,000 GH / s.

Rates for DASH (DASH)

Three tariff plans are available – Gemini, Ferox, Graviton. The cost of the package is from $ 30 to $ 2250 and capacity from 5 MH / s to 500 MH / s.

Rates for ETHEREUM (ETH)

Three tariff plans are available – Small, Medium, Large. The cost of the package is from $ 29 to $ 2799 and the capacity is from 1 MH / s to 100 MH / s

Rates for LITECOIN (LTC)

Three tariff plans are available – Gold, Platinum, Diamond. The cost of the package is from $ 28 to $ 2,400 and capacity from 2 MH / s to 200 MH / s.

Rates for MONERO (XMR)

Three tariff plans are available – Blaine, Dynamo, Houdini. The cost of the package is from $ 49 to $ 2399 and capacity from 60 H / s to 3000 H / s.

Production tariffs ZCASH (ZEC)

Three tariff plans are available: Starter, Advanced, Professional. The cost of the package is from $ 47 to $ 4399 and capacity from 25 H / s to 2500 H / s.

Genesis Mining Payouts

To output each type of crypto currency, do not forget to specify the corresponding purse in the menu “My account – Settings – Purses”.

The withdrawal of funds is made directly to the specified wallet automatically. This is a big plus, as there is no need to waste time on putting coins on payment and waiting for confirmation of withdrawal.

Payments of earned coins are generated every day but are credited to the client’s wallet after the minimum amount for payment is accumulated. For example, for Bitcoin it is 0.005 BTC. Thanks to this you will avoid unnecessary expenditure on paying commissions for withdrawing small sums to purses.

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Pros and Cons

Pros of Genesis-mining

  • The service provides real physical power equipment;
  • Production is available not only for Bitcoin, but also for other promising altcoins;
  • You can buy a hash rate not only for the crypto currency. Payment is available by debit and credit cards, or by bank transfer;
  • Operative and friendly technical support;
  • Creation of a personal altcoins` portfolio is available.

Cons of the company

Genesis Mining company don`t provide exchange for sale of the hashrates.

In conclusion, we can say that this platform is ideal for investors who do not want quick profits, as well as those who do not want to tinker with the choice of pool, installation of hardware and software. Despite the fact, that basically the Genesis Mining reviews are positive, this platform has both advantages and disadvantages.

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