Genesis Mining Promo Code November 2020

Genesis Mining is a reliable company that provides cloud mining services for altcoins and bitcoin. Contracts concluded for the acquisition of capacities do not have time limits. Mining farms are located in America, Asia and European countries. Reliable encryption technologies are used.

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How to Use Genesis Mining Promo Code?

The company often conducts promotions where customers receive automatic increases in capacity or Genesis Mining promo codes for the addition of capacity, or redeem codes for contract price discounts. The company also has a partnership program through which it is possible to get attractive increases in power by simply inviting friends.

Where you can enter your Genesis Mining discount code?

The field for entering the promotional code is available at the second stage of capacity increase, that is, on the payment page (above, for the positions chosen for purchase).

In addition, when purchasing the generated capacity after choosing the number of capacities that you want to purchase and choosing a payment method, if you have a Genesis mining code promo, you can enter it.

You can find promotional codes both on the official page of the service and on various partner sites. The average discount on such sites is from 2.5 to 3%

How to Make Money on

In order to start earning money you need to register on service. On the site with the help of the button “Registration” we get into the form. There you need to enter information in only 3 fields: “E-mail”, “Password”, “Password confirmation”.

You can choose 3 tariff plans for each crypto currency. They differ from each other in power and cost.

Package “Gold”. The price is $ 30 per month. The client receives a capacity of  200 GH / s;

Package “Platinum”. The price is $ 350 per month. Capacities: 2500 GH / s;

Package “Diamond”. The price is $ 1950 per month. Capacities: 15000 GH / s.

All commissions in addition to payment in the service Genesis Mining are absent. You just pay for the “package” and start earning money.

In your account, go to the “Purchase Power Generated” tab. Next, choose the crypto currency, which we need and the amount of GH / s (power) with the help of the slider. It remains to simply pay for the services ordered.

Separately, pay attention to the tab “Distribution of capacities.” There you can collect several pools (choose the optimal for yourself earnings strategy).

For the convenience of work, developers have given their customers the opportunity to see how much they can earn in a certain time period.

What kind of coin is best to choose for cloud mining? Reviews of the users of the Genesis Mining website say that if you are mining to make money, and not just for the sake of interest, then the profitability calculators of the mining will come to your aid. The profitability of this measure depends on several factors. Firstly, the price of the coin (at the moment) that you are mining.

Secondly complexity of the network, in the third complexity growth in percentage terms.

Then everything depends on your individual earnings strategy!

How much can you get?

The developers themselves do not disclose the specific figures of income, since this indicator varies depending on the price and complexity of developing the cryptonym.

However, according to the observations of the project participants, it can be noted that to date, depending on the type of crypto currency, the return on investments is from 40 to 120%. Perhaps, for some, such income will seem insufficient. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that this service is reliable and your investor’s profit is timely.

Payback in Genesis-mining invested funds can last from several months (usually on temporary contracts) to 1.5 years.

Genesis Mining Promo Code

How to Receive Additional Genesis Mining promo code?

Now the most interesting moment. As a Genesis Mining discount voucher, you can use the code from another user’s referral program. To do this, the Genesis Mining management has created a special promotional code – bits-media. Entering this code provides a standard discount of  2.5% for the entire list of services of the resource, but it does not carry any referral component. Power shall be credited to the balance immediately after receipt of payment. At the same time, in blockade of the chosen for payment crypto currency, zero of transaction confirmations can be registered. Despite this, the purchased capacity is already beginning to work.

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