OlympTrade Review

The desire for financial independence is dominant for most people. However, the routine life and the fear of changing often keep them in a kind of “wheel”, forcing to sacrifice something every day or deny themselves something.

But in fact, the world around us is full of opportunities to significantly improve our well-being. For example, services that provide an online platformfor trading binary options. Such companies are notable for their availability and high potential profit, which makes it possible to significantly increase even the modest initial investments.

Everything a person needs is only the ability to think analytically, as well as small start-up capital. And a very important factor is choosing the right online platform, which will be legal and able to guarantee the payment of profits. There is a thorough review of the Olymptrade company below, which is one of the leaders in this segment. 

 What is OlympTrade

2014 can be considered as the starting point. Then the Olymptrade company was officially registered in Seychelles. In just five years of its existence, the company managed to develop rapidly, and it is one of the favorites in this field now. This success was made possible due to the fact that this international platform provides the best conditions for traders who trade binary options. The advantages of the site are as follows:

– multilanguage site. There are versions in Russian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian and Turkish available;

– the simplicity of work and convenient site interface. The functionality of this online platformis easy to understand, and you have an opportunity to open binary options demo account to reduce risks. You can work with Olymptrade even from your tablet or mobile phone – there is a convenient and fast mobile application;

– the ability to operate with different currencies (ruble, dollar, euro), as well as make forecasts for a large number of currency pairs. Not only currency, but also stocks, indices, and even various types of cryptocurrencies are among the assets;

– many ways of an account funding, including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro credit or debit cards or Yandex Money, Neteller, Qiwi, WebMoney electronic payment systems, and others. You can withdraw funds in similar ways, which is also very convenient;

– high profitability due to the possibility to choose the appropriate expiration time (from one minute to three hours). In addition, you can trade around the clock – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;

– official licenses and reliability. The company has been operating on the market for more than five years, and in the event of a problem situation, it is possible to contact a professional support service. There is a chat, telephone or e-mail available on the website to contact the employees. You can use the contact form to resolve any questions.

What to Trade on OlympTrade?

The company offers five different options for earning on assets, including:

  • cryptocurrency. One of the most popular industries today. Olymp Trade offers to bet on 10 different types of cryptocurrency, and there are both the most popular (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash/Gold, Litecoin Ethereum), as well as cryptocurrency gaining its strength (Ripple, Monero, Dash, Zcash) among them. The basis for trading is standard call options.
  • raw materials. The company’s clients have the opportunity to create options for the price of one of the six assets currently offered by OlympTrade. This includes gold, silver, platinum, oil, gas and copper. Guessing how the price of raw materials will change over a certain period (will rise or fall), a trader can significantly increase his profits;
  • stock indices. The company offers to create options on the basis of a group of securities with certain stock indexes. For example, stocks of the top 100 US manufacturers have the NASDAQ-100 index. If at the end of the selected time period, the stock index corresponds to the trader’s forecast, he receives a profit. The platform offers about 10 different indices now;
  • Enterprises’ shares. Instead of bets on stock indexes, the possibility of trading stocks is available. An investor can predict stock quotes after a specified period of time. When the forecast is correct, his profit increases. Now, the trader has the opportunity to make a forecast for the shares of such companies as Coca-Cola, Boeing, Apple and others;
  • currency pairs. The most popular type of trading. In this case, the player profits from the exchange rate movements. The main thing here is to determine which direction the course will move in relative to the current indicator. Today, OlympTrade offers 35 types of currency pairs, among which are both the most popular and less well-known currencies. This list is constantly updated.

How to Trade on OlympTrade?

In order to become a client of the company and start your own game, you need to take a few simple steps. First of all, you need to visit the official OlympTrade website and then follow the registration link. After filling out a simple form with the name, phone number, as well as the selected currency, the whole functionality of the site and its capabilities become available to the player. If you are planning a big game, with bets on large amounts, it is recommended to pass the verification by sending the scanned copies of your identity documents. This will facilitate the process of withdrawing large sums of money in the future.

After registration, it is necessary to replenish the account and decide on what options you plan to trade. Currency pairs, large companies’ stocks, stock indexes, cryptocurrencies or various raw materials are at your disposal.

The next step is to make a deal. An asset is selected at a certain moment, and a bet is made on whether the quote will be higher or lower after a selected time period. It defines all the necessary parameters: type of asset, rate (from 30 to 150,000 rubles, or 400,000 rubles for VIP clients), selected time period (from one minute to three hours).

If the trader’s forecast is correct after the period expires, he makes a profit. After that, the Olymp Tradecompany will transfer the money earned to the player’s account. As a rule, the processing time is up to 15 minutes. Optionally, you can close the deal early if the trader is satisfied with the current quotes. This helps to minimize risks, although profits will be less in this case. 

After depositing money to a virtual account, they can be withdrawn in any of the ways listed below. More information about the cash withdrawal process and its features can be found in the next section. 

Account Replenishment

In order to earn real money, the user of the OlympTrade online platform should replenish his own account. This option becomes available only after registration and specifying your personal data.

The client has the opportunity to transfer money to his account in several available ways. So, he can use the services of banking systems by replenishing the account directly from Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or Cirrus credit or debit cards. The company also supports electronic payment systems such as WebMoney, Qiwi, Neteller, Skrill, Fasapay, Yandex Money and others. 

At the moment, the minimum replenishment amount is 10 dollars or an amount equivalent to this in rubles or euros. In addition, a novice better can expect to receive additional bonuses or preferences under certain conditions. So, after registration, you can double your initial payment if you transfer 2, 5 or 10 thousand rubles to the account within an hour after registration. 

Among other offers, there are additional benefits offered to those traders who join OlympTrade group on VKontakte, as well as the possibility of obtaining a privileged VIP-status, which will be discussed further. 

Funds Withdrawal 

OlympTrade company offers fast and convenient withdrawal of the money earned, which attracts so many customers. To cash out your profits, you need to visit your personal account and go to the “Withdraw” section. You can specify the desired amount of money that should be transferred, as well as the funds withdrawal method.

OlympTrade has a good reputation in this regard, so the money withdrawal will be very convenient and will not cause any problems. So, a trader can transfer money to a Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or Cirrus card. Also, transfer of funds to Qiwi, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill, FasaPay or Yandex Money e-wallets is available.

Moreover, OlympTrade does not charge for money withdrawal. The only point thing may cause inconvenience to users is the application processing time. The vast majority of transfers are processed within 24 hours. However, banking systems sometimes need more time to process a transaction, and this period can last up to five business days. But more than 90 percent of operations are carried out within 24 hours.

OlympTrade Demo Account

One important advantage that the company can offer to its customers is the option to open binary options demo account, which allows you to test and train your skills in this area. You can use this option absolutely free after registration.

Now, the user has not only access to making deals or the ability to use the entire functionality of the site. 10,000 thousand virtual money (if the currency of the account is rubles, then 10,000 rubles, if dollars or euros, then 10,000 dollars or euros) is immediately credited to his account. The player can dispose of this amount at his discretion and make predictions for any assets and any amounts. The minimum rate is one dollar and one euro or its ruble equivalent.

This approach allows you to understand the basic principles of the game, develop your own binary options strategy, etc. Errors when playing on a binary options demo account will not cost the trader a pretty penny, although they will not bring any profit, because this money is virtual and cannot be cashed. But this practice will be extremely useful for the novice player so that he can get comfortable and get used to trading in the company.

OlympTrade VIP-account

For experienced users who used to play for high stakes, there is an option to open a VIP account. This is a great way to get additional bonuses that will not only make it easier to bet on binary options but can also contribute to increased trader profits.

A VIP account can be issued by any player who passes the registration procedure, and then replenish a deposit for more than 2,000 USD (if the account currency is ruble, then the sum of one-time replenishment should be 100,000 rubles or more). After that, the player not only receives an additional bonus from the trader in the amount of 30 percent of the replenishment amount but also can count on many pleasant advantages.

– profit percentage increase. When trading binary options or other assets, OlimpTrade customers are offered certain indicators of profitability. But they differ from ordinary customers and players with privileged status. In some cases, the difference in profitability can reach 10%, which is a lot. In addition, the maximum limits for opening deals are increased two and a half times: from 150 to 400 thousand rubles;

– professional advisor. Each VIP user has a professional advisor available around the clock. You can contact him with a professional question – an adviser will help you find the right asset, determine the expiration time, and develop your own binary options strategy. This is a great way, which will help you to reduce potential errors;

– privileges in financial transactions. As it was already mentioned, the transaction processing when withdrawing funds to a personal account can take up to five business days. This happens in the case of a large number of requests for cash withdrawals. It is obvious that the VIP clients applications are the first in the queue for processing;

– additional training. OlympTrade company periodically organizes additional seminars with experienced brokers who share their own experiences and concepts in this field. These projects are carried out regularly but are closed to ordinary players – only VIP users have the opportunity to receive such knowledge;

– minimal risk. A very nice bonus available to privileged clients is the possibility of making risk-free transactions at the beginning of their business. This means that in case of a failed transaction, the trader will receive back up to 100 percent of the investment amount. The number of such “indulgences” is discussed individually with the personal adviser.;

– participation in bonus tournaments. For high-status members, OlympTrade periodically holds additional promotions to increase profits. Conditions may vary each time, but valuable prizes and a significant money bank remain the same attribute of such events;

VIP-status from OlympTrade company gives its user not only additional advantages in the convenience of working with the platform but also helps to minimize risks and increase profits. 

Training on the OlympTrade Website

An important advantage of the company is that it does not consider its clients as players to constantly pump out money from. On the contrary, OlympTrade gives you the opportunity to regularly improve, expand your knowledge and increase your skills. 

After registration, in addition to the possibility of opening a demo account, the user gets access to the “Training” section with more than four hundred different materials. All of them are systematized and they can be divided into three categories:

  1. Trend Indicators. There are more than ten informational articles devoted to popular trend indicators. You can find out here how to calculate the pivot point, determine the trend of the graph and learn how to read the correct signals;
  2. Strategies. It is obvious that without a properly selected binary options strategy, the game on binary options will quickly end with the bankruptcy of the trader. However, developing your own approach from scratch will take too much time and effort. That’s why this section is recommended for novice traders – here you can read about the most popular strategies, such as the “Japanese candles”, “Demark method” or “early start”. Based on these materials, you can develop your own approach by combining several strategies or take full advantage of the ready-made developments;
  3. Webinars. The third section, where more than four hundred different webinars are collected. This library is constantly updated with new materials where professional traders share the secrets of their success. There are many workshops and useful tips. The latest information is available to VIP clients, but the average user will also find useful materials.

OlympTrade for a Smartphone

With the development of modern technology, mobility of the online trading platformsis coming to the fore, and OlympTrade is an excellent choice in this regard. Its clients are not tied to their workplace or personal computer. You can work with the company directly from your tablet or smartphone.

This option was made possible thanks to a convenient mobile application. It is designed to work with all types of smartphones with the iOS or Android operating systems. All functionality will be available, and the interface is understandable thanks to competent web design. Moreover, it is important to note the high-speed of the application and the absence of unexpected exits or lags. The main thing is that the trader has a good Internet connection – then he can trade and make a profit almost anywhere in the world.

Is OlympTrade Scam?

It is obvious that such an opportunity for additional profits and large earnings raises concerns among customers. Today, many are wondering if this is not a fraud – an interaction with OlympTrade. Users want to be sure that the company really indicates real quotes, and real money will not be lost and will remain available for cash out in collaboration with the company.

It is necessary to note several factors. First of all, the OlympTrade platform has been operating on the market for more than five years, starting in 2014. If the company had been noticed in any fraudulent actions, it would have been sued and closed. 

The second point – OlympTrade has all the necessary property licenses, as well as an additional regulator that provides a high level of protection for its customers. Of course, you can find negative reviews and complaints against the company on the Internet. But we should understand how this platform works. 

The thing is that a permanent profit can be obtained on Olymptrade only with systematic progress and the desire to constantly evolve. As a rule, the trader gets the main profit from the others’ rates, less successful users. As a result, there is a certain number of dissatisfied players who claim illegal actions on the part of the company. In fact, their loss is a result of hasty actions or incorrectly chosen binary options strategy. 

OlympTrade Regulator

Another important factor confirming the legitimacy and reliability of the company is the availability of special permits for the right to conduct business. The special certificate of an “A” category is issued by the FinalCom PLC LTD financial commission and guarantees a high level of protection and customer service. Each transaction is insured for up to 20 thousand dollars and paid to the trader in case of a dispute and a subsequent decision in favor of the player. Moreover, the company underwent independent certification from the Verify My Trade service, which confirmed its high status and excellent reliability. All these points make it possible to draw an obvious conclusion – Olymp Trade is an excellent partner in terms of cooperation and opportunities for additional income.

OlympTrade Complaints

Of course, it is simply impossible to please everyone, therefore, various complaints among the Olymptrade reviewsare heard from time to time. So, some customers are bewildered and afraid that Olymptrade is registered in the offshore zone (Seychelles). It is said to avoid liability in the event of claims against the company. Employees of the company reply that such a “registration” allows to conveniently cooperate with traders from different countries, as well as create the most comfortable taxation conditions (and, as a result, maximize profits) for its clients.

Among other Olymptrade reviews- several ambiguous points in the user agreement. Thus, the “Applicable Law” clause says that the client refuses a trial in a court outside Seychelles. This is extremely inconvenient due to the strongly geographical remoteness of the state, as well as the lack of knowledge of the state language by the majority of clients. A controversial point is also the fact that Olymptrade is not responsible for the consequences of a hacker attack and the loss of funds due to its cause. It turns out that the player loses when he hasn’t done anything, and the company has not provided adequate protection for their clients’ accounts.

In addition, there are a lot of disappointed Olymptrade reviewsand complaints that the platform has not met the expectations of the players. These include those who played on “win-win strategies”, “was studying for a long time, and then lost”, “made a profit on binary options demo account, but failed on a real one.” But it is necessary to understand not only the specifics of the platform operation (which was described above) but also the psychology of the players. As a rule, only dissatisfied customers will write a review and express their complaints. Profitable traders will simply continue their cooperation with the company and will increase capital. So, it’s better to verify the convenience and reliability of cooperation with Olymptradeon your own.

Our OlympTrade Review

Any choice has its advantages and disadvantages. In the case of OlympTrade, there are indeed more advantages including:

  • high profitability of the platform and the ability to get big profits in a short time even with a minimum start-up capital;
  • wide variety of actions. The user can trade not only currency pairs but also stock indices, stocks, raw materials or cryptocurrency;
  • reliability of the company. Olymptrade has all the permits, including an “A” category certificate issued by the FinalCom PLC LTD financial commission and a certificate from the independent service Verify My Trade;
  • usability. An informative website with a user-friendly interface, easy registration procedure and a high-speed mobile app makes a cooperation with the company extremely enjoyable. And the extensive training section allows you to minimize the risk of errors;
  • additional features. The OlympTrade company offers its users ample opportunities. This is a special VIP-status, which opens up access to some useful bonuses, such as the help of a professional broker or risk-free rates.

As a final result, it can be said that working with a reliable Olymptrade online platform allows you to achieve financial independence in the case of the right approach to business.

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