Hashflare Profit Calculator

Hashflare is widely used by miners nowadays. Though everyone knows mining is profitable enough, most people want to count the exact sum they can get. Hashflare calculator tips were created to make that process easy and clear.

Main Tips

After following current tips you’ll get exact sum because you’ll count operating costs. Sometimes miners forget to do that and they counting turns out to be incorrect.

Sum of everyday payments forms your profit. There are several things which can affect this factor. Hashrate type is the main one. Hashflare offers different contracts for every type of cryptocurrency: SHA-256 (Bitcoins), Scrypt (Laitcoin), ETHASH (Ethereum), EQUIHASH (Zcash).

Everyday profit must be reduced by operating costs. Usually, extra fee includes maintenance price and electricity expenses. For example, you have to pay nearly 0,0035$ for every SHA-256 10 GH/s and 0,005$ for Scrypt MH/s. Other contracts offer you no-operating-costs conditions.

After subtracting all extra fees and adding every daily profit you’ll get full sum!

Extra Data

Now you know the main facts, but that is not enough. To count you exact profit with Hashflare, use tables below. They contain detailed counting examples for each cryptocurrency.

 Bitcoin mining
Term1 year
Minimal price ($)1.50 per 10 GH/s
Deposit amount ($)1,000
Expected profit ($)5602.06 – 7158.19 which equals 0.30 – 0.38 BTC
 Ethereum mining
Term1 year
Minimal price ($)2.20 per 100 KH/s
Deposit amount ($)1,000
Expected profit ($)1575.25 – 2012.82 which equals 0.08 – 0.11 BTC
 Litecoin mining
Term1 year
Minimal price ($)7.50 per 1 MH/s
Deposit amount ($)1,000
Expected profit ($)2038.42 – 2604.64 which equals 0.11 – 0.14 BTC
 DASH mining
Term1 year
Minimal price ($)3.20 per 1 MH/s
Deposit amount ($)1,000
Expected profit ($)233.93 – 298.91 which equals 0.01 – 0.02 BTC
 ZCASH mining
Term1 year
Minimal price ($)2.00 per 1000 mH/s
Deposit amount ($)1,000
Expected profit ($)1750.43 – 2236.66 which equals 0.09 – 0.12 BTC

Don’t forget that the profit will change after currency value changes or mining becomes more complex.


As you can see, counting profit you can get is very easy. So just join the Hashflare service and start making extra money right now!

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