Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum: Definition

Ethereum doesn’t need an introduction. It is the number two cryptocurrency (after Bitcoin) in the world with the market capitalization of $12 billion. In addition, it is one of the most popular and valuable cryptocurrencies in the world and at the moment of writing the article ETH costs $309.

However, Ethereum is losing its positions, considering that in January 2018 its price was $1200. It can be considered quite a rapid fall, but statistic shows that all cryptocurrencies experience a certain decline at a different speed.

If you are thinking whether to buy, sell or trade Ethereum, you are surely interested in the latest trends and news. In this article you will find analysis of modern prices, forecasts and of course ethereum price predictions. Let’s get started!

Analysis of ETH Price

You will get a lot of interesting data if you look at the recent Ethereum price and market fluctuations. The ETH and USD pair remains quite stable on the level around $300. Now it is traded at $309, while there was noticed a very lively interest in the currency at the rate of $298.

This lead to an increase and the price reached $309 in a matter of hours. A 50% break over the Fibonacci Retracement Level was noticed, which resulted in a fall from $318 to $296.

Soon the price started to grow and reached $310 above 61,8% Fibonacci Retracement level. Immediate resistance equals $312. It matches the 76,4% level of the recent decline to $296. The general resistance is close to $316 level. In case the price exceeds $316, most likely it will gain the bullish momentum. This means that in the nearest future the ETH price may exceed $325 and will continue to grow.

On the other hand, there are quite many supports around the $304 level. In addition, if you look at the hourly chart, you will see another channel forming around the $309 price. If the break happens, the price may drop to $305. For now, the general support is around the $300 level.

If the bulls gather their pace over the $316 level, it is very likely that the price will reach $345.

Market Prediction for 2019

If you regularly read news from the world of cryptocurrencies, you probably know that everyone is discussing the ETH fall and of course the ethereum price prediction. Actually, it was quite surprising for most of the market experts to see that ETH price was going down much faster than prices of any other leading tokens. This left them wondering whether Ethereum will able to return its positions or will occupy a lower place in the TOP-10 cryptocurrencies of the world. Here are predictions of different experts.

  1. Chris McClure. There are many reasons why the volume of Ethereum is huge and the price of ETH will continue to grow in 2019;
  2. CoinDesk. It is obvious that ETH is struggling for its price. If it manages to hold its positions for a while, most likely the price will go up;
  3. Brian Schuster, founder of Ark Capital thinks that Ethereum’s price will reach $100, 000 during the next five years.

There are also many skeptical or even negative predictions, all of which claim that there has never been such a rapid fall, so it is impossible to forecast the future of Ethereum and how the market will behave.

Price Prediction for 2019

The last time, when Ethereum price was so low was back in 2017 and equaled $91. Now Ethereum is traded at $309 and it is impossible to forecast how the currency will behave in the second half of 2019. 

However, for a while majority of popular cryptocurrencies also experience growth, including Bitcoin, Stellar, XRP and EOS. Each of which grew its value by 5% or even 11%. According to the latest news, ethereum price prediction is quite favorable and ETH has all the chances of reaching $325.

Price Forecast

Possible price of ETH greatly depends on the changes and modifications that were announced by Vitalyi Byterin. After months of hard work, the protocol is switching from Proof-of-work to Proof-of-Stake. This will provide the following features:

  • Capacity will increase in three times;
  • The speed of transactions and payments will also increase;
  • The price of Gas, the internal currency, will be reduced, offering users to pay less for transactions.

Introduction of Proof-of-stake makes the network more difficult and complex, which in turn will lead to an increasing ETH rate. 

The Most Accurate Verdict

It is impossible to find a 100% reliable ethereum price prediction. Even the most experienced traders can’t say how the market will behave, so you need to make sure that you are ready to any consequences whether you buy or sell ETH.

Luckily, Ethereum’s blockchain is one of the most popular and widely used in the world, which is proven by millions of contracts and tokens that are working on it. After a recent price fall, many experts changed their mind on the future of the ETH coin, so if you want to get the most accurate prognosis it is better to turn to the latest news, analyzing various sources and making up your own mind: 

  • Regulators and governmental institutions are making it much harder for cryptocurrencies to exist freely. This is evident from the laws that are being published on all levels of control: from states to whole countries. There are even countries, which have banned any cryptocurrency activity;
  • When Bitcoin has lost its value, other currencies have also experienced a rapid fall;
  • Largest cryptocurrency platforms prohibit advertising of trading or withdrawal of funds to ICO. This includes Facebook and Google, and the main aim is to protect traders from frauds and scam.

Such a rapid price fall greatly damaged ETH capitalization and its founder, Vitalyi Byterin has lost around $30 million during the decline. However, this decline doesn’t harm other coins that are working on the ETH platform, because they have their own markets.

Buy and Exchange ETH

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In order to buy ETH you can use not only Atomic Wallet but also your MasterCard or Visa. The whole process usually takes not more than an hour, so you can start trading without any delays. It doesn’t matter what options you choose: you need to make sure that they are legal and accepted by the blockchain policy.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency world is filled with unpredictable twists and turns. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or an expert with years of experience: you need to rely not only on your gut but also on news, opinion of reputable traders and predictions of independent observers.

After a rapid fall, Ethereum price has finally stabilized and only slight fluctuations are noticed. However, it is evident that very soon the price will change, greatly influencing other market participants. The only question remains: will these changes be positive or negative.

The time will show but at the moment Ethereum remains the second most popular cryptocurrency, offers a stable environment and allows traders from all parts of the world to close their contracts on a daily basis.

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