About Us

Purpose of BonusCloudMining creation

As you know, crypto currency is getting more and more popular nowadays. That means new opportunities for business and trading. Unfortunately, that means new dangers too. Though there are services allowing their users to earn, buy and sell cryptocurrency, not all of them are honest. There are companies which were created to cash in on the credulity of inexperienced users only. They are also known as scams.

We are against lie in world of virtual currency. We`ve found and grouped experts and practitioners to expose scammers and save your money. These people will analyze existing mining services checking if they are liars or not.

What does service status means?

There are 6 types of services with different characteristics:

  • The site is not active nowadays.
  • Users do not receive payments; founder of the site is known to be a scammer.
  • Users leave the same amount of positive and negative comments.
  • The service has just appeared and its hard to say something about it.
  • During the test users get their payments, there are lots of good comments and no bad ones.
  • Users held lots of tests on this resource and all of them were successful.

Status can get worse or better depending on regularity of payments and comments.

Principles of our work

Our work is based on efforts of every user, not professionals only. If you find out that service is scam, just contact us and we`ll change its status to warn other people. We don’t require any fee for joining our team or searching info about websites.

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